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My, but I missed this.

I really haven't had much time to pay attention to my trusty foil Torgerson lately, but the cranky old fibber appears to have been keeping himself busy. He bleated his latest piece a few days after the recent election. The title really says it all: "Job Hunting Tip for Out-of-Work Republicans." It ends with a riff on the CapitalOne slogan: "What's [LEFT] in YOUR wallet?"

Huh. So, with national unemployment at record lows, gas prices bottoming out, and even The New York Times admitting that the sky may not actually be falling, am I to understand that Torgerson still maintains that the economy is so bad that the average recently unemployed Republican may have to tighten his belt a notch?


For my part, I found myself on the street in September after my firm folded. Know what? The current job market isn't just good... it's the best one I've ever heard of! Talk about a seller's market!

I had so many offers rolling in that I took an extra month off just to evaluate them and make sure I didn't blow any opportunities. Now, I might not have been able to do that, had it not been for the cash left in my pocket following the Bush administration's very useful tax cuts for the rich (and for me, too, I guess).

So the moral of the story is the same as usual, where Torgerson's concerned: with the deadpan humor of John Kerry, the grace under fire of John Murtha, the sparkling intellect of Al Gore, and the economic savvy of a bar of soap, he's truly a force to be ignored.

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