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PLEASE take 20 minutes or so to digest this essay by Mark Steyn. Steyn has hit the nail squarely on the thumb: Citizenship is what we DO, not a stamp on our birth certificates. And the larger Government grows, the fewer Citizens there are in any meaningful sense, as those who remain are transformed into wrinkly, post-adolescent wards of the State.

This is not 1789 or 1917. There is no La Fayette or Lenin storming the gates of our civil society. Rather, the destruction of our liberty and national character is proceeding one tiny step at a time, and it MUST be opposed as such. Otherwise, the BIG steps--like the nationalizations of giant swathes of the automotive and banking industries (in the past three months) or the health care industry (later this year) will have far too much momentum to stop.

Does your first-grader know everything there is to know about Arbor Day, but can't find his own country on a map? A ward of the State shrugs and endorses his stimulus check to the public-school fund-raiser. A Citizen marches down to the School Board and demands to know just what the hell the school is doing with its ALREADY bloated budget. And a right heroic Citizen? He brings along about six hundred like-minded neighbors to help.

Has your bank allowed itself to be coerced by the Federal Government into accepting mortgage cramdowns, violating CENTURIES of contract-law precedent and punishing responsible adults in favor of irresponsible parasites? A ward of the State applies for a reduction in principal, paid for by his neighbor... the Citizen. And the right heroic Citizens in the neighborhood might consider erecting giant arrow-shaped signs on their own properties indicating the presence of a PARASITE in their midst.

It's your country. It's your call. Are you a Citizen... or not?

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Rod Stanton
# Rod Stanton
Thursday, May 14, 2009 5:02 AM
He's right. But he's 6 years late. The collectivists took over America in 03. The "Nanny State" has grown by leaps + bounds the last 6 years. The growth of our national debt is old hat. It is no longer news. As VP Dick said in 04 "Deficits dont matter!" when questioned about the growth of the "Nanny state" in 03 + 04.

The lat 7 years America is like the lab frog in the water that gradually foes from 100 to 250 degrees. We ignore the danger until we are dead. We are not dead yet! but after 7 years of big and growing government we are dieing and closer to dead than we were in 02!
But what is the alternative. Both major parties are controlled by collectivists. The GOP just 2 days ago backed a Nanny stater in the Fla Senate race! Their has been no choice for many years. Wallace was wrong in 64 when he said "There aint a nickle's woth of diff..." but he'd be right this century.
Rod Stanton
# Rod Stanton
Thursday, May 14, 2009 5:15 AM
I neglected to point out the the Nanny stater the GOP supports in FL has wholeheartedly supported for 3 months the "O" programs that Steyn rails against. I'm with Steyn - but again where is the alternative? It takes at least 2 different sides to make a fight.
# jscroft
Thursday, May 14, 2009 7:44 AM
Rod, I don't disagree with you.

But consider this. Political power is like any other economic commodity: it goes where the market is. And how do you demonstrate that your market exists?

You advertise.

The Left have been perfecting the art of political advertising since the bellweather protest days of the 60s. Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals" is a blueprint for getting a small core of activists to look so much like a national movement that it attracts the support of vote-seekers and ultimately becomes the thing it pretends to be.

Look at a decade ago, that bunch comprised six college slackers who couldn't get into a fraternity and a nasty gleam in George Soros' eye. Now they have the ear of the President. The Left is GREAT at this kind of thing, and the rest of us--you know, the totally square majority of Americans who have boring old jobs and mortgages and stuff--are not.

If we want another Reagan Revolution, we have to set the stage by proving that we exist and are MOBILIZED in sufficient numbers to win an election. And that means we're going to have to take a little time off work and go make some very loud, very public noise.

The Tea Parties are a great start! But the Left understands that a political movement depends ultimately on the individual.

You know how the barrista at your local Starbucks sneers at the flag pin on your lapel? Remember your slacker neighbor's BUCK FUSH bumper stickers and tee-shirts? The tea parties and related activities are going to be so under-reported as to appear trivial to the average Leftie, and if he doesn't have a PERSONAL experience of the opposition, there's no reason for him to change his opinion.

So go make a nuisance of yourself. Tell the barrista to wipe the smirk off her face, and do it loudly enough to cause her some embarrassment. Treat your neighbor to a slightly different bumper sticker on your way to paying his mortgage some Monday morning.

Make it impossible to ignore the fact that politicians who DO return to America's founding ideals will enjoy broad support, and they'll come running from every direction like flies to a freshly-opened picnic basket.

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