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Former FBI Special Agent Vosi appeared on FOX News this Thanksgiving morning discussing the Mombai terrorist attacks. The gist of his comments was that this coordinated operation took months of planning, and was very sophisticated.

During the following couple of days other former FBI people have echoed virtually the same story – always emphasizing the skill and sophistication of the attackers.

Let’s take a moment to examine these assertions. An unknown number of well armed Islamic terrorists apparently hijacked a small ship off the coast of India, loaded a bunch of weapons aboard, and made their way to Mombai where they took over a police station and dressed themselves in police uniforms. Then they split up, appearing at ten locations in downtown Mombai at approximately the same time, and commenced firing their Kalashnikovs and tossing grenades.

How difficult could this be? There needed to have been a central controlling group that supplied the weapons and ammunition. Someone had to identify a small vessel that would be easy to take over – in pirate infested waters. At least one member of each group needed a cheap watch, and they needed to know what time to start shooting. That’s it, folks! I could have planned the entire thing in a couple of days or so – a bit longer if I had to use couriers instead of modern communication methods.

There’s nothing sophisticated about the attack either. When it’s over all the terrorists will be dead, and nothing will have been accomplished except to outrage an already outraged world. To give these bozos credibility by exaggerating the sophistication and difficulty of their Terrorist 101 level operation is self seeking at best, and plays right into their hands at worst.

Vosi and his type continue the tradition of Chicken Little wringing of the hands – alarming the general public for a few minutes of fame on national television.

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