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CBS News announces new research compiled by Australian scientist Dr. Tom Chalko showing that global seismic activity on Earth is now five times more energetic than it was just 20 years ago. The cause? Global warming, of course!

This "study" appeared in the Natural University Journal of Discovery. Other recent titles from the same source:

  • "Is Chance or Choice the essence of Nature?" by Thomas J. Chalko
  • "No second Chance: Can Earth Explode as a result of Global Warming?" by Thomas J. Chalko
  • "Can a Neutron Bomb accelerate Global Volcanic Activity?" by—you guessed it—Thomas J. Chalko

Chalko is certainly a dominant voice at Natural University! Of course, he's also on the Editorial Board, so I imagine that helps. Chalko is also the author of a scholarly work modestly described as 8,000 years overdue, which would explain his rush to publish in NUJOD. Plus he's evidently an expert at reading auras.

Needless to say, CBS treated Chalko's drivel with panting admiration and wide-eyed credulity, never a hint of irony to be found. I'd cry shame if I honestly believed there were any at all left at the CBS editorial desk.

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# argee
Thursday, June 19, 2008 8:30 AM
For the record, this guy is certifiable. He believes there is a place called Thiaoouba that is very advanced when compared to us. On his other website ( he has some interesting FAQs with answers. For example:

Q. Do you have any material evidence?
A. Do you mean "technology" ? No. This is precisely what our friends do not want us to know. We do not need any more material technology on Earth. Giving us more technology is much like giving a machine gun and a box of grenades to kindergarten kids to play with.
We do not comprehend what we do to our consciousness and to Nature around us. We cannot handle our current "technology". We use it to destroy each other and the Planet as well. However, the people of Thiaoouba described many fascinating examples of TRUE technology that we have lost on Earth, many thousands of years ago - such as antigravity, space travel, telepathic and cosmic communication, bio-energy and science of consciousness, just to mention a few examples. It seems that our "science" may take decades just to admit some possibilities...
They also gave me comprehensive explanations of most of the "mysteries" on Earth to include in my book, some of which will only be solved in the future ...
Q. Any chance to go to Thiaoouba?
A. People from Thiaoouba take one of us approximately every 100 years or so. You would not want to go there. Michel is frequently very sad when he talks about Thiaoouba. Imagine being shown a paradise, only to be told that it is not for you. He wants to be there, but he can't. And when he came back he found himself well and truly against most people on Earth, including his family, against the science, habits, religions, way of life... Even against all UFO researchers... It is sometimes very hard when you know the truth.
Q. What about toilets on Thiaoouba?
A. On Thiaoouba they use a kind of device that looks similar to our toilet, but isn't. It simply disintegrates the waste as it comes out - into elementary particles I guess. No water, no paper, no smell, nothing. Michel was scared that this machine might disintegrate his private parts...

Need I say any more?

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