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I really like Microsoft Office 2007.

I like it because the XML-based documents are a fraction of the size of equivalent documents produced in Office 2003 and earlier versions. I like all the new formatting options, which all appear to work more consistently than before.

I like it because its object model is fully integrated with Visual Studio 2008, so I can produce Office applications in big-boy C# instead of hacking VBA like a teenage code monkey.

On the other hand, I HATE the user interface. As far as I'm concerned, those cutsie ribbons constitute an asinine departure from the UI standards that Microsoft has been evangelizing at us since the release of Windows 95. I don't know ANYBODY who likes those things.

So Microsoft is taking steps to ease the pain, via a handful of really slick Flash applications that, given an Office 2003 menu selection or key combination, show you how to accomplish the equivalent task in Office 2007.

It ain't much, admittedly... but it's better than nothing. Here they are, organized by Office application:

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