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My conversation with John Ziegler went very well. We discussed the ramifications of global warming and the so-called ozone hole. At one point, John asked me about Al Gore, and I said: "He is a sincere...(pausing) wrong man."

John loved it.

At another point, he asked me what there was to fear, since it was clear after talking with me that the things we have been told to fear were no big deal. I answered: "Another man." John paused, looked at me, and then started laughing. "Oh," he said, "you mean like getting mugged or something like that."

I answered that yes, that was much  more likely than our being harmed by global warming or a thinning ozone layer, or even terrorist nukes.

I have begun to receive email responses and book orders. If you listened, please drop me a line and tell me about it.

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