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Pakistan said Tuesday that it has lifted a ban on YouTube after the website removed cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed, adding that an earlier worldwide outage sparked by its actions was unintentional.

Telecommunications officials told AFP that the popular website was up and running again in the conservative Muslim nation after YouTube removed "highly profane and sacrilegious footage" that was offensive to Islam.

Are you fucking kidding me?

YouTube Jesus Video Sampler

Here's one where Jesus does a snappy musical number, takes his clothes off, and gets hit by a bus:





And here's a little number entitled, "Keep Your Jesus Off My Penis."






In this one Jesus is a drug dealer. Not a very talented one, though...




...and in this one, Jesus and the Devil get together go home together after a night on the town for a little wee-hours smiting.







Anybody offended yet? I'm not... but I know plenty of people who would be, and I'm not sure I understand why their objections matter less than those of Muslims, particularly to a company whose employees AND customers are overwhelmingly Christian.

Really makes you wonder how those guys became billionaires.


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# Sap
Thursday, June 26, 2008 12:06 PM
Let's see here:
Judaism: Jesus- doesn't exist/ no one special / fraud.
Christianity: Jesus-savior/ divine being/God, etc.
Islam: Jesus-a prophet, etc...
If anyone really didn't care about Jesus depictions, it would certain Liberals...

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