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I just completed an interview on KSFO San Francisco with Lee Rogers and Melanie Morgan on the Morning Show. The show ended with a song that Lee Rogers said I would certainly like. It was written by Jeff Stambovsky, and is sung to the tune of More. Here are the lyrics from Jeff's website. The player below will give you a musical rendition of this song (when it is working). If it isn't working, go to Jeff's website.

Is the greatest fraud the world has known
Learned all his methods from Don Corleone

Just like Don Vito treats a snitching punk
Gore whacks the facts and locks 'em in a trunk

Gore travels everywhere
And Gore
Blows so much hot air
With all of his misinforming
He's the source of global warming

Each time you see Big Al on CNN
You'll want to poke your eyes out with a pen

There never ever was a more
Self-indulgent phony bore
Than the tedious Albert Gore

Is the greatest fraud the world has known
Though he can fake out Cher and Sharon Stone

Far from exposing inconvenient truth
Truth is Abe Lincoln Gore is John Wilkes Booth

Travels everywhere
But not on commercial air
You can't be seen with plebeians
When you're hustling Europeans

If you're afraid of man-made CO2
Al's got a bridge in Brooklyn just for you

Al-we're not listening anymore
Get your meds out of the drawer
Take two Thor-a-zine and don't call us in the morning
Albert Gore

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