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When Los Angeles County Sheriff Boca released Paris Hilton to monitored custody in her home last week, no one was more vociferously opposed than City of Los Angeles Attorney Rocky Delgadillo. Delgadillo garnered national headlines when he insisted that Hilton go back to jail, because she claimed in Court that she was unaware her drivers license had expired, and the Court did not believe her, and sentenced her to the maximum. Under the circumstances, Delgadillo said, Hilton should be given no leeway, since she clearly tried to take advantage of her celebrity status, both in Court and later with Sheriff Boca, and furthermore, he pointed out, how could one not know one's drivers license was suspended. Today it was revealed that about eighteen months ago, Delgadillo's wife had an accident while driving his official vehicle (which she was not authorized to drive), and it turned out her license had been suspended months earlier, a fact she claimed not to know about. Furthermore, she was driving without insurance – in fact Delgadillo, himself, had no insurance. To top it off, the vehicle was repaired at government expense. This happened while Delgadillo was attending a Democratic National Committee meeting on the East Coast. Today, Delgadillo reimbursed the City of Los Angeles for $1,200, but it turns out that the actual bill was for about $2,400. Does it get any better than this?

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