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Wolfgang's Vault gives away what is priceless: live performances of artists that legendary rock concert promoter Bill Graham recorded directly from the mixing board.

Surf the concert library and you'll find a cross section of the hottest rock artists of the 60s to the 90s, from Psychedelic to New Wave Rock, as they were rising to the top. Music is streamed free to the public via a Flash player, but registration is required.

If you feel like doing homework you can learn more about Bill Graham's and Bill Sagan's contributions to pop culture here and here.

Otherwise, it's easy enough to simply enjoy these two fantastic concerts:

The Call, 1986
This show was recorded in June 1986, at New York’s famed Ritz Club, and features material from their first three albums, with a slant towards Reconciled. “I Still Believe” is this set’s highlight, but also has a slightly anti-climatic effect, as it was placed as the third song in the setlist. Charlie Burchill from Simple Minds joins the band for the finale of “The Walls Came Down,” which brings the evening to a very powerful end.
The Cure, 1984
The Cure had been gradually building their U.S. fan base when they embarked on their third American tour to promote their 1984 studio release, The Top. This recording was made on that tour, and features the band during their most defining musical period.
For diehard fans or curious listeners, this show offers an impeccable live recording of one of the '80s biggest groups in their prime. Enjoy.

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