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This article is an excerpt from Chapter four in my new book The Chicken Little Agenda – Debunking Experts' Lies. This is the first of nine parts for Chapter four that will be presented here sequentially.

Chapter 4

Nuclear Power, Solar Power, and Things Beyond

Electricity, in its simplest sense, is electrons flowing through a conductor. We're not talking here about high-energy beta particles but about simple electrons moving relatively slowly in lockstep through an elongated piece of metal. We can pass this flow through a tungsten filament under the right conditions, and we get a glowing light bulb. We can pass it through a special rod consisting of several materials, and the rod gets hot – convenient for space heaters and hot water heaters, among other things. By applying a bit of ingenuity, we can create pulsating rotating magnetic fields that will turn a magnet-covered shaft. We call this a motor.

By reversing this process, by rotating a magnet-covered shaft inside a coil of wire, we can induce an electric current in the wire. In the real world, we frequently use engines or gas turbines to rotate the magnet-covered shaft to produce electricity. At hydroelectric projects across the country, we use water to rotate the shafts. Sometimes we use wind. But very frequently we burn biomass to generate heat to create steam to drive turbines to produce electricity. Of these methods, only hydroelectric- and wind-generated electricity produce no greenhouse gases. While we have determined that the need to reduce greenhouse gases is not a dire emergency, it seems prudent to take reasonable steps over time to lower the amount of these gases we put into the atmosphere. If we could generate the electricity we need safely and efficiently without adding greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, we should examine such an option very closely.

(Part 2 of 9 follows)

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© 2006 – Robert G. Williscroft

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The Chicken Little Agenda: Debunking "Experts’" Lies

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