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This article is an excerpt from Chapter one in my new book The Chicken Little Agenda – Debunking Experts' Lies. This is the fifth of eleven parts for Chapter one that will be presented here sequentially. Read part four here.

Chapter 1

The Green Revolution

The Green Agenda

The Greens are a loosely knit group of people that is being led by a smaller cadre of ideologues who learned social science from Marx and physical science from popular science writers. On this shaky foundation they have built an anti-freedom, anti-democratic, anti-science worldview.

From Marx they learned about the collective, the dialectic, and centralized control, without understand­ing the lessons from current history following the breakup of the Soviet Union and the worldwide col­lapse of Communism. From the life sciences they learned about a connection between chemicals and cancer, without understanding the nature of minute dangers and minuscule concentrations or how they translate from the researcher’s micro world to the macro world in which we live. From physics and the highly nonintuitive implications of relativity and quan­tum mechanics they learned that reality is not always what it seems to be. With the help of several misguid­ed physicists, they drew misinformed analogues to Eastern mysticism, connections that reinforced their radically subjective and intuitive (contrasted with experimental and scientific) approach to deep ecology. From a marriage of Marxist theory with a misunder­standing of the second law of thermodynamics, which states that the total energy in the universe never increases, they developed a political-economic system that incorporates no private land ownership and the principle of never expending energy. From a misappli­cation of quantum physics they derived a new world order that denies the cause and effect of market eco­nomics. From scientist ecologists they gained a super­ficial understanding of the oneness of global processes and the living Earth. Out of metaphor they created reality. The living Earth became a goddess.

The common thread within the Green movement is “stasis,” or “sustainability” in their jargon. Their Earth doesn’t change; it shows little or no effect from human activity. They want to destroy human infrastructure— our markets, our cities, our communication networks, the very essence that makes us human. They propose to limit human movement by curtailing modern communi­cation methods and transportation. According to Green prophet E. F. Schumacher, the ideal world is where peo­ple are “relatively immobile . . . [where] the movement of populations, except in periods of disaster, [is] confined to persons [with] a very special reason to move, such as . . . scholars.” In short, it is a place where only the intellec­tual elite—the eco-bosses—can move about.

Theirs is a simple world. People would not need to understand anything more complex than a shovel or a horse-pulled plow. According to them, if the world is sufficiently simple, ordinary people can understand it in its entirety, and with this understanding comes contentment. Failing this, if the world is sufficiently subjective, ordinary people will be unable to under­stand it. In the first case, there will be no complexities like nuclear power or space exploration. The ordinary citizen can instead be concerned about how much flour to make, or not tracking horse manure into the house. In the second, ordinary people can be duped by earnest leaders of the eco-movement into opposing things they don’t understand until stasis is reached.

Not one new nuclear power plant has been ordered in the United States since 1979. States like California and Nevada are experiencing severe power shortages. Cut back, citizens are told; cut back on power con­sumption. Echoing position papers authored by Green activists, our leaders are urging conservation. There is nothing wrong with conservation, but conserving the resources we already have does not solve anything. The only way we can avoid a power outage on a cata­clysmic scale is to find and develop new energy sources. Conservation simply will not cut it. Yet that is the preferred solution. And so we inch ever closer to stasis, and the end of progress.

David M. Graber is a research biologist for the National Park Service. He wrote in the Los Angeles Times that humans have become a plague upon the Earth, and he suggested that unless Homo sapiens rejoin nature, “some of us can only hope for the right virus to come along.” Graber’s implications are aston­ishing. To take his statements seriously is naive, of course. In George Orwell’s words: “You have to be an intellectual to believe such nonsense. No ordinary man could be such a fool.” Nevertheless, it is only a short step from wishing for the appearance of the right virus to creating and distributing one. A relatively small amount of anthrax virus in the Los Angeles water sys­tem would kill the entire population of Southern California.

I have had personal experience in dealing with avowed Greens, in the field during direct confronta­tions with members of Greenpeace in the high Arctic and down south on the Antarctic continent, and in committee in the Pacific Northwest. There is no way that these people have the collective ability to pull off a widespread conspiracy such as is implied in many of the above quotes. Often, in fact, their leaders have dif­ficulty relating their immediate experiences to objec­tive reality. Following are six cases in point.

Click here to read more book excerpts and hear radio interviews with the author.

(Part 6 of 11 follows)

© 2006 – Robert G. Williscroft

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The Chicken Little Agenda: Debunking "Experts’" Lies

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