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27 reports a chemical attack thwarted on the 23rd. It's a short article, so here it is in full:

Police have detained a man as he was trying to detonate a truck rigged with two tons of explosives and several thousands liters of chlorine in western Iraq.

The military says the incident occurred on March 23 near the entrance to a police station.

That station is reportedly about 150 meters from a water treatment plant in Ramadi, the capital of Al-Anbar Governorate.

There have been seven chlorine attacks in Iraq this year.

I'm not sure if that last figure includes this incident or not, but either way this phenomenon has acquired a certain momentum. Reuters is now raising the question of whether similar attacks might occur within the US:

WASHINGTON, March 22 (Reuters) - Chlorine bombs in Iraq have raised concern that lax security at U.S. chemical plants could make the country, and particularly New York City, vulnerable to similar attacks.

Policymakers and law enforcement officials said poor security at the plants could lead to the theft of ingredients needed to build a bomb like the ones detonated in Iraq.

Theft? I'd be on the lookout for swarthy types emptying out the Clorox bin at Costco. In any case, as I pointed out last week, these knuckleheads are clearly working the bugs out of their delivery systems.

Expect more of this to come.

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