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The Free Muslims Coalition responds properly to Rep King's terrorism hearings. We salute them. This is exactly how all muslims should respond. 

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On December 10, 2010, a US court sentenced convicted terrorist Mohammed Junaid Babar, 35, to time served. Khan was one of four suicide bombers that targeted London on July 7, 2005. Three suicide bombers targeted the subway system, while the fourth detonated his bomb aboard a double-decker bus. The bombers, aged between 18 and 30, killed 52 people and injured more than 770.

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Doing the right thing big time! How Bennett and Vivian Levin demonstrated that Christmas is a state of mind.

[Author of this piece is unknown, but the facts have been verified at]

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Sometime before the football games are watched, and the turkey and stuffing and pies are consumed this Thanksgiving Day, take a few minutes to read this extraordinary speech, extraordinary for what it says about your Marines, your Armed Forces, and your Country, and even more extraordinary for what it does not say.

The speech talks about the patriotic youth who answer the call to serve their country. The general discusses in detail the deaths of two Marine heroes for whom he posthumously recommended the Navy Cross. As you read the speech, you will find that it does not mention anything about the death of 1stLt Robert Kelly, USMC, who lost his life in Afghanistan just four days earlier, on November 9, 2010. This speech was delivered on November 13, 2010, by LtGen Kelly, his father.

1stLt Kelly was laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetery on Monday, November 22, 2010.

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 This purportedly is a book report written by a school child (probably a boy). The source for this piece is unknown, but it has the ring of truth.

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 On October 1, 2010, Daniel Pipes published this rather lengthy monologue on his blog: Mr. Pipes is director of the Middle East Forum, Taube distinguished visiting fellow at the Hoover Institution of Stanford University, and a columnist at National Review. He delivered an earlier version of this text on receiving an award from the Danish Free Speech Society.

This monologue is so important, I believe, that it needs the widest possible dissemination. Mr. Pipes graciously granted permission for reproduction of his words on TDH.

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When Murphy is out and about, there is little you can do about it – especially when you're in an inflatable kayak shooting the Salmon River rapids.

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From white water rafting and jet boating the rapids, to hunting, fishing, horseback photography or backpacking tours, climbing, skiing, diving – think of it, and you probably can find it in or near the Lewis-Clark Valley.

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Human activity is destroying the Antarctic ic pack! No, wait, I mean it's SUSTAINING it!

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"Appropriate" Holiday Greetings...

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Those of us who are unequivocally willing to follow the data, there appears to be virtually no chance that humans have affected global climate.

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Mr. Smith sent me something highly disturbing today. For those who can't be bothered, Dr. Sanity has explained why she will quit medicine forever the day socialized medicine becomes a reality here in America.

Fair enough. But you can't give in, either!

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With our Secretaries of State and Treasury both off in Beijing kissing all the ChiCom butt they can manage, Mr. Smith tipped me off to a piece by Jason Steck over at The Compass on the interconnected nature of the U.S. and Chinese economies.

Mr. Smith is concerned about the skyrocketing magnitude of our debt. I say you have to examine both sides of the equation.

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Also appropriately subtitled Advice For College Grads. I don't know who this Andrew Klavan guy is, but I like him!

His answer: we aren't mean. We're just grownups who read non-fiction—chapter books, you see—and aren't afraid of footnotes.

Hat tip: Mr. Smith.

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Dick Morris says the military option in North Korea is off the table now that they've detonated a nuke. I say you couldn't ask for a more classic justification for a preemptive strike.

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